Sunday June 12th in Murphys, CA at Val du Vino Winery
Blending roundtable: At Val du Vino we have several blends that are now each a brand of their own. Be with us as we field test together several blends, some might get invented that day!
Saturday July 16th in Watsonville, CA at Integrity Wines
Intricacies of wine tasting, the language, the nuances, and the mumbo jumbo. Join me as I hone my pallet to host the July River Cruise on the Rhone River. We’ll sample several wines and include non-wine samples as we train ourselves.
Sunday September 11th in Murphys, CA at Val du Vino Winery
We will be live and in action during red wine fermentations; take a walk in the estate vineyard prior to harvest; taste 6 wines from barrel and participate in how we are making them.
Saturday October 8th in Watsonville, CA at Integrity Wines
White wine fermentations, including my 2 most favorite wines to make, technology behind a successful vintage, 7 wines including 3 wines in production compared to their previously completed vintage.
Sunday December 4th in Murphys, CA at Val du Vino Winery
In the gap between putting wines to rest for winter and preparing for the first bottling of the year we’ll discover the surprises in wines literally weeks old and wines about to be bottled and the final tweaks we want to make to complete their journey.
Saturday January 21st in Watsonville, CA at Integrity Wines
Event Logistics & Cost
  • Each Event is limited to 12 participants and runs from 1pm to 4pm
  • There will be hors d’oeuvres, snacks or food pairings at each event
  • Cost is $125, and is non-refundable
  • You will receive a $75 credit toward wine useable the day of the event The entire fee will be credited with a $400 net purchase (after any applicable discounts) on the day of the event.
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